An Intensive Negotiation Program for Executives

Presented by the Program on Negotiation
at Harvard Law School

Program on negotiation, Harvard law school.


Technion Sarona Campus, Tel Aviv

Azrieli Sarona Tower

Registration May 2020

A Three-Day Intensive Negotiation Program For Executives

Presented by the

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

in collaboration with

Technion – Azrieli Continuing Education and External Studies Division

at the

Technion Sarona Campus

Azrieli Sarona Tower

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 25-27, 2020

5 Reasons to Attend PON Global







Dear Executive:

At the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School, we are dedicated to studying the theory and practice of negotiation so that others can learn to effectively manage conflict, solve problems, and build stronger relationships in their work, their families, and their communities. At PON, a consortium program of scholars from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, we study negotiation through many different lenses, including business, law, government, economics, psychology, and education. The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School is delighted to be cooperating with the Technion to offer our PON Global course for the 9th time in Tel Aviv. This course is modeled on our flagship program taught in Cambridge, Massachusetts, three days of intensive and innovative learning.

PON will enable you to have an interactive learning experience, taught by a skilled and experienced PON instructor. You will be exposed to the thinking of almost a dozen members of our faculty, through our video modules and in videoconferencing with faculty at Harvard. The course is designed to be highly interactive, with the use of negotiation exercises and simulations. We believe that negotiation is an essential skill for all leaders and executives, and we know that with training, everyone can become a better negotiator. When you are a skilled negotiator, you will have greater success at closing deals, developing partnerships, and avoiding costly disputes. If you are ready to become a more skilled negotiator and a more effective leader, I strongly encourage you to join our program in Tel aviv.

We look forward to welcoming you to this limited enrollment course.

Guhan Subramanian
Guhan Subramanian
Faculty Chair
Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

About the Program

The World-Renowned Program on Negotiation

Widely recognized as a world leader in the field of negotiation and negotiation research, the Program on Negotiation is an interdisciplinary, multi-university research center based at Harvard Law School. Scholars from Harvard, MIT and Tufts develop negotiation principles and skills and share them in innovative courses that help train global leaders.

About the Course

PON Global is a unique course that largely mirrors the extremely popular flagship program that PON has offered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for more than 30 years. The course will test your beliefs and assumptions and help you overcome emotional and rational biases, examine complex negotiation scenarios, and discover a range of cooperative and competitive negotiation strategies. In this acclaimed course, we compress 30 years of ground-breaking research into three thought-provoking days. In sessions taught by Harvard’s expert faculty and with dynamic videos and video conferencing segments, you’ll broaden your understanding of negotiating concepts, acquire proven negotiating techniques, and have the opportunity to put your learning into practice. This time – and road-tested – curriculum has been utilized by more than 35,000 executives who have participated in PON’s Executive Education programs. This spring, you can join their ranks and acquire a framework for negotiation—equipping you to overcome barriers, manage conflict, and achieve better outcomes at the bargaining table, every single time.

PON partnered with Technion in April 2016 to offer this workshop in Tel Aviv. This collaboration will continue as PON and Technion partner again to offer the May 2020 workshop.

Language of Instruction; Qualification of Participants

The language of instruction for the workshop will be English. Participants must be able to communicate at a business level in English.

Modules Taught

Day 1

“Understanding Key Negotiation Concepts”
Module 1: Negotiation Fundamentals
Module 2: Creating Value vs. Claiming Value

Day 2

“Managing Interpersonal Dynamics”
Module 3: Best Practices for Difficult Situations
Module 4: Dealing Effectively with Emotions and Relationships

Day 3

“Addressing Negotiation Complexities”
Module 5: Negotiating Across Cultures
Module 6: Multi-Party Negotiations, and Organizational Challenges


Participants who attend all sessions and participate in all simulations will receive an official certificate of completion from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.


Technion Sarona Campus, Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv

Student Profile

The PON Global course attracts a diverse audience from both the private and public sectors. Participants span a wide range of titles and industries. Those who attend typically include: Chief Executive Officers, Company Presidents and Officers, Board Chairs and Board Members, Executive Directors, Managing Directors, Directors of Operations, Human Resources, Purchasing, Marketing, and Sales Managers, Lawyers, Mediators and Program Directors.


"You have a chance to learn about yourself, and what are your obstacles and advantages at the negotiation table, and you don’t have the chance to do it every day."

Vanessa Seyman

Negotiation consultant

"I had the chance to practice and to have a hands on negotiation experience with counterparts and with other people in the course, and really to simulate real life situations."

Illai Gesceit

High-tech entrepreneur

"The cases given during the workshop were very helpful and gave a real sense and not just in theory. It presented a difference between this class and academic courses."

Dr. Limor Kessler-Ladelsky

Independent organizational consul


Samuel (Mooly) Dinnar is a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he teaches negotiation and engineering leadership. Dinnar has also been an instructor for the Harvard Negotiation Institute (HNI) and the Program on Negotiation (PON). He has contributed to the development and delivery of several courses, including PON Global and HNI’s Mediating Disputes and Advanced Mediation courses. During the program, Dinnar will facilitate group discussions, negotiation simulations, and role-playing scenarios that complement the video-based modules. In addition, there will be interactive web-based video sessions with expert faculty broadcasted live from Harvard.

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